Trade Secrets & Studio Visits: Contract Forms

Clancco  ||   4 November 2006

The proliferation of contemporary art and the mass number of artists being produced have entertained a moment where artists and art students are engaging in multiple and numerous visits and interviews with curators, writers, and other artists and art students. These “visits” are, and have been called, studio visits.

With this in mind, and with the ever-increasing complexity of intellectual property theft, many artists and art students have found themselves in situations where they present their ideas, materialized in any which way and form, to other artists, writers, and art students during studio visits, only to later find that these visitors have taken the artist’s ideas and work product and claimed it as their own, and many times obtaining high acclaim on the sweat of unknown artists and art students.

Thus, CLANCCO has pondered this dilemma and brainstormed a possible method to counter this perplexing and ever-present dilemma. CLANCCO is now making available a NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT FOR STUDIO VISITS, which may provide some level of intellectual property protection to artists, art-students, and other makers under the rubric of trade secrets. These non-disclosure agreements for studio visits are available here in both a short and long version.

The forms provided by CLANCCO may be used as is, but they should be tailored to suit the artist's individual needs. Always consult with an attorney when entering into any contract or when using any pre-written boiler-plate forms, regardless of use.

Download Short Form

Download Long Form

Microsoft Word necessary to download forms.