Structures For A Wall & Floor: Blinky's Cave, Baldo's Chapel, Ellsworth's Profile

Clancco  ||   15 May 2007

Having commissioned Clancco to install an exhibition in its space, Shotgun Space, Los Angeles reconfigured its space and expanded it to five times its original size in order to present previous structures installed by Clancco across the United States. These re-installations--originally installed on public and private property without consent--allowed viewers to experience for the first time in Los Angeles one of the multiple facets of Clancco's oeuvre and life.


In each of the eight steps of this exhibition, the tour revealed eight sculptures installed by CLANCCO between the years 2000 and 2007. Together with eight drawings, they formed structural remains which denied the thrust of historical force, depriving events of both their form and meaning in such a context.

This exhibition was accompanied by a handout brochure (PDF version available here) expanding on this project as well as highlighting key moments in Clancco's history.