2005 Bronco Swap Meet Biennale

Clancco  ||   1 September 2006

A Project on Mercantilism and Society

8408 Alameda Avenue
El Paso, Texas
January 7 & 8, 2006 7am to 4pm

Items Below Now Available For Purchase!

Most items seen below are now available for purchase online. If you're interested in purchasing any of the items below, please email sergio_sarmiento@clancco.com

Installation 1

The first Swap Meet Biennale took place at the Bronco Swap Meet in El Paso, Texas, during the first week of 2006. The twenty-one international participants included artists, writers, and lawyers, all with an interest in creative and non-traditional modes of cultural production, inter-relations, and artistic dictates.

As stipulated earlier, the submitted items were photographically documented and placed in the respective column below with the participants' asking price. If the item was sold, the selling price, name, and location of buyer was posted. We will also be making available, via this page, photo documentation of the rented stall and context shots of the Bronco Swap Meet. All items below are now available for internet purchase.

Installation 2

As previously stated, all revenues will go to establishing a grant for anyone interested in studying the relation between law and visual culture.

Clancco would like to thank each and every participant listed below for being so generous with their time, energy, and production. It is our sincere belief that even if no item had sold, the project would be no less successful, for the experience and event will reside in the cultural and social capital created by the belief in, and experience and conviviality created by, this mode of expression, dissemination, and exchange.

What follows below is a digitized version of The Bronco Biennale: a project on and of mercantilism and social relations.

Installation 3

(Please click on thumbnail images for more information on each artists' project)

(in alphabetical order)
Yasaman Barmaki
(Los Angeles)
Items 1 SOLD: 2 sketchbooks to different anonymous buyers
Selling Price: $7.00 each after a starting price of $20
Ben Beaudoin
(New York)
Items 3 Had two interested buyers, but although one claimed that this was a perfect piece for a "Bachelor pad," no sale. A very, very interesting piece!
David Bunn
(Los Angeles)
Items 5 SOLD: (1) to Star Rosencrans
Laura Carton
(New York)
Items 7 SOLD: 3 t-shirts
Selling Price:$3.00 each
SWAPPED: 1 t-shirt for 3 phonorecord albums (images to be posted soon)
Hardcore SliderTM
(New York)
Items 8 SOLD: 2 t-shirts
Selling Price: $3 each
Harry Gamboa Jr.
(Los Angeles)
Received Friday, January 6th, 5:52pm CT. Currently in Public Relations office awaiting documentation. Coming soon.
Terri Gordon
(New York)
Items 9 Items 10
Swapped for a knock-off cologne of a high couture name (name rhymes with Malvin Vine).
Cooper Griggs
(Los Angeles)
Items 11 SOLD:20 decals to unknown buyer.
Selling Price: $20 total
Mary Beth Heffernan
(Los Angeles)
Items 12 Had an offer of $15, CLANCCO rejected such an offer.
Don Jamon
(New York)
Items 14 Had two interested buyers, but at $1,500 failed to sell. Probably will sell over internet for lower selling price.
Theresia Rosa Kleeman
(Los Angeles)
Items 16 Had one highly interested buyer in book, but potential buyer only offered $10.00. CLANCCO obviously rejected such an offer.
Michel Martinez
(Los Angeles/Bangkok)
Items 18 SOLD: to Ramira Santiesteban.
Selling Price: $15.00
Douglas Melini
(New York)
Items 20 Had 3 interested buyers, but did not sell at $30.00. CLANCCO attempted to sell at $20, but no go.
Wu Ming
(Beijing, China)
CLANCCO still not able to attain release of this item, but we are working hard to do so and have it ready for the next Swap Meet.
Joey Lehman Morris
(Los Angeles)
Items 22 This project drew many interested viewers and commentators, but after much thought, the one interested buyer declined.
Javier Pinon
(New York)
Items 23 In El Paso, not many "macho" folk willing to wear this with pride. Or else they just don't get the very subtle irony.
Stephen Prina
(Los Angeles/Cambridge)
Items 24 Had one interested buyer, but buyer decided upon the record attained in swap for Gordon's scarf (see images above).
Isis Ortiz Reyes
(Mexico City)
Items 27 Many, many interested folk, but in the end failed to sell for lack of "functionality." (read: what is this for?).
SOLD: to Michel Martinez
Star Rosencrans
(Los Angeles)
Items 29 Way over their heads!
SOLD: (1) to Sergio Sarmiento
Kerry Tribe
(Los Angeles/Berlin)
Items 31 I could not go below the already steal price of $50.00, so although I had interesed buyers, none were willing to part with such a low figure. Go figure!
SOLD: to Star Rosencrans

Installation 4
DHL arrives on Wednesday, January 4th, at 12:43pm El Paso Time, delivering project by Isis Ortiz Reyes.

Installation 5

If you are interested in participating in the next Swap Meet Biennale, we would be pleased to hear from you.

This project generously sponsored and subsidized by CLANCCO International and the Law Firm of Trois Pistoles.

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