Clancco’s interest in investigating the relationship between art and law led to its founding and to making its projects available via this site. Specifically, Clancco began its sculptural investigations by questioning the legal constructs of property. Since then, Clancco has expanded its aesthetic investigation to include the juridical effects on economic transactions, dissent, and intellectual property. The findings of these projects are then materialized in diverse formats, mediums and channels, ranging from lectures, writings, readymades and the fabrication of physical objects.

To view some of our projects, please click on any of the projects listed to the right.

Locations of Clancco Structures

Clancco has installed numerous sculptural structures across the United States: from El Paso, TX and Northridge, CA, to Cambridge, MA and Ithaca, NY. The map below demarcates locations where some of these sculptural structures may be found.

What's Next?

Clancco is currently scouting new locations for more architectural interventions.